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Live at Secret Project Robot 10.12.2017

Interview Noise Beneath Snow 9.15.2017

Theta Death Exhibition 9.7 - 10.29.2017

Live at H0L0 NYC 8.25.2017 

Yashar Interview / Review The Black Vertebrate 12.8.2016


Neoludica Lectures on embryoroom "Game Movie" at Museo del Manifesto Cinematografico Milan 11.11.2016

The Black Vertebrate USB released on Private Archive 10.21.2016


"Rogue’s Protocol" photo exhibition / "A Cross" at Envoy Enterprises New York City 10.21 -12.4. 2016

Bad Breeding "A Cross" video 9.21.2016

Museum of Arts and Design acquire "Crypotoid" print 5.31.2016

Photo Print Series at Envoy Enterprises 5.2.2016

Volterock Anomalous Interview 4.17.2016

Hiroshima Interview (Spanish Language) 11.13.2015


"The Black Vertebrate" residency at Macie Gransion New York City 3.17-7.17. 2016

"The Chamber" by Gruen / Quist Opens at Macie Gransion  New York City 12.13.2015


Live at Trans-Pecos New York City 11.22.2015


Live at Washington Art Center Medford 6.27.2013


Live premier "The Untitled" Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival / Imaging the Future Symposium


"Phantom Overtura" + "Pan Sonic Kuvaputki" at Warsaw Center for Contemporary Art 7.19.2013


embryoroom + Slow Knights live residency at Envoy Enterprises New York City  4.4 - 4.25.2013


SHOWstudio premier "Shame" video 4.2.2013

Yen Tan Interview (Paraphilia Magazine) 12.9.2012


"Untitled Variance" at The National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci Milan 10.20 - 10.21.2012

"Phantom Material" Parts I-V at Inkonst Malmö 11.9.2012 - 6.9.2013 

Yashar Interview 3.24.2012

"Hazmazk" live at Tufts University Medford 4.29.2011

“The Third Rail” / “Chamber of Aversion” / “To be Inside it” at the Eventi  New York City 10.30.2011

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