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M.A.P.S. and Private Archive: No. 1 

M.A.P.S. and Private Archive provide you with a night of psychoacousmatics and visual assault. 

Featuring performances by:

Edward Quist (NYC)
sound and video artist Edward Quist, known for collaborations with Finnish underground techno legends Pan Sonic and New York City's Envoy Gallery, performs his new video work, "The Black Vertebrae", augmented by live electronics. Quist’s fast-paced digital video and pulsating soundscapes create an immersive and overwhelming experience.

Article Collection (GA)
solo project by half of Private Archive

Sean Seaton (MD)
cutup Baltimore computer music

Onyx Sleep Chamber (NYC)
galactic call to prayer. 10 year anniversary 

Compile (NYC) 
contemporary music for the victims of the devolution

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