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The Black Vertebrate 

Rogue's Protocol (Triptych 1)

Bad Breeding. A Cross


Edward Paul Quist - Edward Quist (aka embryoroom) is a multidisciplinary artist who works as a director, screenwriter, producer, sound composer, designer, photographer and documentarian. His long running embryoroom project continues to be a staple of NYC’s underground video art scene. His productions employ experimental narrative, pulsating, powerful imagery, analog electronics, biomorphic imagery and heavily manipulated digital graphics. 

Over the past few months, Macie Gransion hosted a trilogy of multi-media shows in anticipation of the release of The Black Vertebrate, Quist’s new film, which mediates the viewer between raw sensory perception and objective cognition. The film will be released by Private Archive on October 21st in the form of limited edition laser engraved USB drives.

Concurrent with the artist’s film release, Macie Gransion is pleased to announce The Rogue’s Protocol, an exhibition of the artist's photographic work, as well as the premiere of A Cross an audio/visual collaboration between controversial UK punk band Bad Breeding and Edward Quist.

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