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Macie Gransion presents Edward Quist’s Feature Film “Network of Death."

The film spawns three black box environs, “Alpha, Beta, Theta Death” Meta Interrogation Chambers


Alpha – Entering the subconscious / Mined for nightmares.


Beta – Behind the Mask / Administering augmented psychosis via NDM (Neuro Death Mask). Sculpture concept / design Edward Quist, Design Paul Stein & Derek Gruen 


Theta – The projection of political psychosis / Is the inorganic the final solution?


Joining the exhibition for a series of performances / installations are leading edge multi-media artists, 51717, Article Collection, Compile, embryoroom, PkEq (Paul Kendall, Edward Quist), Private Archive, QVORG (Edward Quist, Derek Gruen), XAMBUCA. 


Curated by Albert Tsimal, Concept and Design by Edward Quist, Design Paul Stein, Design Derek Gruen.

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